Frequently Asked Questions


Can we bring props?

Absolutely! Props, especially when the client brings them, can add that extra personal touch during a session. Whether it’s a book your kids love to read, their favourite teddy bear, if it’s special or you just think it would look cool and add some fun to the shoot, bring it! for those lovers out there, if you have special cups you like to drink your Sunday morning coffee out of, or if you wanted to do an activity, like tobogganing or skating, I am always open for your ideas!!

Can we bring our dogs to the shoot?

100%! All I ask is that you let me know beforehand, so I can adjust the location accordingly. Pets are part of the family too, and they deserve a special spot in your photos!

What should I wear?

Clothing is always the most stressful part of the photos. wear something you are comfortable in and that you love on yourself. That way your confidence will shine through your photos. Patterns with colour are a great choice, but just be careful you don’t overdo it on the patterns, or be sure they don’t clash with the other outfits in your group. If you want to add a little extra pop of colour or personality to your outfit, statement necklaces, hats, or scarves can add a nice touch!

For men, keep it simple! jeans, khakis or dress pants are all great choices. For shirts, solid colours are preferred and try to avoid anything with logos on them. If you choose to wear something with a pattern on it, just make sure it doesn’t clash with other patterns. I typically suggest no hats, but you do you.

If you have a piece of clothing that you aren’t sure what to match with, Pinterest is your friend. They provide great colour palettes + styles to help you choose your outfit! If you are unsure of what might look good, I’m always here to help, too!!

Dress accordingly to the weather.

Optional: Client Closet

I am slowly building up my client closet with articles of clothing that photograph beautifully, for all different sizes of people. if you are having a hard time choosing, or just simply want to see what it is I have to offer, let me know! We can work something out to make you feel and look your best for your shoot!

How many images will I receive?

I include 15 digital images with your photo session. These photos are favourites chosen by you. I deliver your gallery within 2 weeks, and you choose 15 of your favourites to keep, with the option to purchase more!

Please note: I pour my heart and soul into these photos, both behind the camera and behind the screen, each image takes time. Please do not screenshot your photos. it is stealing, and who wants a photo with a big watermark through it.

Can I receive the RAW images?

This one is a hard no from me, and most every professional photographer. A RAW file is like the negatives. you need specific software to even access them, and they do not best represent my brand, since I haven’t had the opportunity to edit them. Plus, it reduces the chances of people manipulating my work.

Do you offer hair/make-up services?

I don’t personally do the hair or makeup, but I do team up with some incredibly talented hair stylists and makeup artists who would be more than happy to give you the rockstar treatment! If this is something you are interested in, contact me and I will provide you with more details and info to book a date that works for all parties!

What does a typical session look like?

Each session varies, but I want to make my clients as comfortable as possible. Unless situations demand differently, I have music playing during my sessions to help you relax, based off your favourite songs/genres. My goal is to capture real, genuine moments and expressions, so I will give you prompts and tips to make it fun! My number one advice is just be yourself, be silly, laugh, tickle, do whatever it is you do, because that’s what I want to capture. the real you. I typically don’t have you looking directly at the camera, I just want to be in the moment, Sometimes I may pose you, but the in-between moments always seem to be my fave.

Have an idea? I am super easy going and am always down for different ideas you may have too! so don’t be shy if you had an idea you wanted me to capture.

How can I pay?

I accept e-transfers (preferred), cheques, or online payment with credit card.



password: photography


Please make payment out to Lacey Pilgrim OR Wanderlace Photography

Online credit payment:

Online credit card payment option is available once your contract is delivered. Once contract is signed, it will then direct you to payment method, which you can choose to use or ignore, if you decide to use an alternate method.